Resident committee

Master - Ben White-Horne

Organises and runs the weekly practices and service ringing.

Treasurer - Alistair White-Horne

Pesters you for termly subs and looks after the accounts.

Secretary - Julia Stadlmann

Produces the termcards, sorts out the freshers' fair stall and doesn't take the minutes at meetings.

Librarian - Jess Dixon

Takes the minutes at meetings and looks after the OUS library.

Webmaster - Josie Godfrey 

Looks after the website.

Steeplekeeper - Cameron White-Spunner and Finian Bassford

The steeplekeepers make sure that all our ringing rooms are looking lovely and all the bells have all their bits in good working order. 

 For details of previous committee members, see this list of past masters, or the Annual Newsletter for the appropriate year.