Freshers outing 2019

Freshers' Outing 2015



Being a fresher of the society, this was the first OUS outing I wasn't a guest for. On this outing, we went to towers on the bus route between Oxford and Aylesbury. We all made it to the 9am bus (just about) and embarked on our journey out of the ringroad. Having spent 4 weeks inside the ringroad this was a much appreciated change of scenery (by me, anyway!).


The first tower was Dinton. This was unusual, being an anticlockwise ring, making an interesting change to ringing at most towers. After some initial confusion, we were able to ring the bells unfazed by the unfamiliarity of it. We stuck to simple methods/ call changes here. There were a lot of people here and only 6 bells! Our numbers reduced on leaving this tower but it was nice to see everyone who was there.


The second tower of the day was Aylesbury  we had a lockout. Thankfully Jeremy (the society's president at the time) knew people well enough to find a key so we could let ourselves in. We had our pub lunch here. It was nice to be joined by a few extra people for lunch even though it meant we were very tightly packed in the room we ate in.


We then got on the bus to head home, but not before stopping en route to ring at two more towers. The first of these was Haddenham. Here I was able to ring Original Triples for the first time, being told how the bob works seconds before pulling off! As well as this, Hannah Guggiari and I both struggled to pull of the tenor and each had to have a helping hand!


Back on the bus, heading for Wheatley, we were able to enjoy watching some of the sunset. This did make some of us feel that it was bedtime when we were supposed to be ringing! At this tower, those who were on an outing there the previous year were reminded of some call changes that they rang, which had the tenor involved. This created some amusement but many hoped it wouldn't happen again. It didn't. Finally we had made it to the last bus trip of the day which returned us back to Oxford safely.


Thank you to Matthew for organising this outing, it was a very enjoyable day.


Harriet Armitage